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3D printable miniatures for tabletop RPG encounters

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Printed Encounter

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This subscription grants permission to sell physical 3D printed miniatures using files from Printed Encounter.
This covers acquired from the Printed Encounter Patreon and MyMiniFactory.
Your merchant license is valid as long as you have an active subscription and you follow the terms laid out below.


You must give credit and link to on listings featuring our models.

You may not sell or distribute the digital files in any way.

You may not use our files to produce miniatures by means other than 3D printing. Such as injection molding, resin casting, spin casting, etc..

This license does not cover the inclusion of our work as part of another project or crowdfunding campaign. Such as game projects, rpg supplements, Kickstarter campaigns, etc...

We reserve the right to revoke your license should you break any of the terms laid out above.


Merchant License

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